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About us
Dirfi Vostok is a French-Belgian-Russian consultancy firm that provides advice on international business development opportunities and financial investments in Russia.

Over more than 4 years of existence we have already helped more than 20 companies in their Russian market studies and assisted in setting up about 15 new commercial structures in Russia (several JSC, LLC, some representative offices).

When planning to expand your business activities into Russian market, you should always keep in mind that, booming and attractive as it is, this market is very specific, with its own recipe of traditional practices, national laws and local regulations. If you want your venture to be a real success, you shall need a full understanding of how a business is run in Russia and of difficulties you may encounter there.

The Russian market is developing rapidly and offers a relatively easy access to foreign newcomers, but it is still may prove a real puzzle, especially for westerners who fail to understand its business and legislation systems so dramatically different from what they are accustomed  to. In general, foreign businessmen wrongly tend to overlook the complexity of Russian accountancy system, legislation and customs law which are deeply intertwined with Russian red tape practices, so that finally these challenges can block their way to this prosperous and promising market.

Still, it is a gold mine where virtually any foreign company, irrespectively of its size and field of activity, can set up a profitable business, provided it has right clues. To have access to the Russian market and partake of its fast growing economy, you need to be vigorous, ready to risk and have good and trustworthy partners and guides inside the country.

A good advisor will provide you relevant and timely information on key issues of operating a business in Russia and will offer a proper solution to any legal, financial, fiscal or accountancy problem that may arise. With this support and advice you will not waste your precious time on secondary but still very essential details instead focusing your attention on what you know best, that is your core business.

With Dirfi Vostok, you will have a reliable partner, rooted in the region and able to handle local legal, administrative, financial issues, which is committed to giving you the highest standards of service and contribute to your success in every possible way. Dirfi Vostok offers a large range of services adapted to your particular needs. Our objective is to assist you in penetrating the Russian market no matter how much you already know about Russia.

We offer the following services:

  • Business and commercial strategy
  • Management and marketing guidance
  • Legal and administrative assistance
  • Finance and tax advice
  • Events and presentations
  • Learning
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    Contact :

    Manager: Léo Golovine
    Tel. Moscow (+7 495) 744 3048
    Tel. Brussels (+32) 488 366 574
    Fax Paris (+33) 1 72 70 40 60
    E-mail: lg@dirfivostok.com